Friday, 5 June 2009

Full Circle!

If you were thinking of entering this month's What's Happening in the Secret Laboratory competition, don't bother - you're too late. The prize jelly babies have gone to a good cause.

I was, of course, measuring the water flow rate through a concrete griffin's bottom and the back pressure on the pump. Why? Read on...

Followers of exploits at the Secret Laboratory (pre-dating this blog) may remember that a few years ago I converted a garden water feature to serve as an automatic tomato watering facility so that I could go on holiday, safe in the knowledge that there would be tomatoes upon my return. This year I didn't bother with tomatoes so I came around to thinking maybe I could convert this converted garden water feature into... a garden water feature. A crazy idea but it might just work...

Let me introduce my Dad (1928-1998), a man filled with grandiose ideas and a master of unfinished projects. In 1970 he bought a concrete griffin with an internal tube connecting its bum to its mouth. Our garden was to become a veritable water palace, worthy of kings and princes. All summer long my Mum and I waited for the sound of tinkling water. All summer long the griffin lay idle, gathering moss. Thirty-nine years later, still not a drop of water had entered the griffin's bottom to delight visiting nobles - until now!

The best thing is, turn a valve, engage the timer and the installation reverts to an automatic tomato irrigation tool again!
Yes, yes - I have to do some work on hiding the beer line and the power cable. Everything's under control...

This one is for you Dad - a gift from the Secret Laboratory!

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