Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Multi dimensional rescue mission.

Here at the Cosmic Tinktank we hear that a Secret Lab project into multi dimensionality has had a quite unexpected result. Marcus Morris, the top cheese at the SL appears to have fallen down dead.

It is our belief that he accidentally triggered one of the multi dimensional crossover switches and his consious self was sucked instantly to somewhere between the 8th and 11th dimensions.

Its hard to explain, but this is a sort of upside down, inside out world which lesser beings might find quite upsetting.

The first imperative we believe will be to return fragments of the mortal matter to the Secret Lab, and then an attempt can be made to retrieve the consiousness. This will require a yet undesigned apperatus, constructed of the appropriate metals, to be set up near the SL in an attempt to reverse the polarity of the crossover switch. We're not sure what this apperatus will look like, but it could well be constructed by a Blacksmith, and may appear to be some kind of aerial.

Details will be discussed with Agents S and H in the coming weeks. Agent P.


  1. Marcus would have absolutely loved this!

    Stuart W

  2. Thats brilliant Stuart,the polarity inverter has started working already.Thanks, AP.

  3. silly buggers...very funny he would love it.

  4. Thats great,its powering up nicely.Good work Agent A.

  5. Replies
    1. Apologies Anonymous,I dont get messages quickly in ground level cyberspace like ya may get with Bookface. See the later posts for knews. Dunno who you are but I love you.