Monday, 14 March 2011

New clear energy.

Here at the tank, our top chap Neville has got a cunning new plan to extract the H2 from H2O.
As all you boffins will know, this would mean we could convert our infernal combustion engines to run on the stuff, with the bonus that the exhaust is only water vapour. The only details I am allowed to divulge are that this process will involve a pair of scissors, and a large polished rock borrowed from his mate Macca. Nev assures me that this process will be cheap and highly efficient, and that the patent will be worth quite a bit, and could result in a noble prize.
Neville also believes that this will eventually involve the use of so many buckets of water as to lower sea levels, allowing the reclamation of farm land, and the planting of his favorite trees.
The only predicted drawback is that some atoms may be split in the process, so you may hear some bangs. These will be contained within the tank where we have a very large pot of glue ready.

AP 12.42. 14.3.11.


  1. It didn't work. Neville is very upset and has eaten all the glue.

  2. Neville - I am so sorry. Don't be downhearted. Some of the best science starts with eating glue.