Saturday, 15 January 2011

Modding the Behringer - episode one

"Apart from that, how did you like the show, Mrs Lincoln?"

No. Our first project in 2011 concerns the Behringer - our Great Hairy Leader's acoustic amplifier, not the Derringer (Booth's notorious weapon of choice).

People in the music world will recognise Behringer as the German manufacturer of a range of rather nice sounding kit, well priced but with a reputation for questionable build-quality. Although not heavily gigged, our Great Hairy Leader's Behringer amp was beginning to show signs of wear - busted buttons and sockets, etc. The Secret Laboratory agreed to assist with repairs.

Opening the Behringer uncovered a host of manufacturing peccadillos, the first being that none of the abundant case-screws appeared to serve any structural purpose. After removing all screws, the interior of the case remained resolutely inaccessible. It might as well have been carved from a single block of MDF. It became clear that gaining access would require more than just a screwdriver.

Above, our Great Hairy Leader gains entry to the Behringer using an electric jigsaw. The rather festive little circles in the photograph are due to the sawdust storm he raised in my living room, each particle caught in the flash.

The case thus breached, it was possible to remove all of the gubbins that needed attention.

Above, our Great Hairy Leader discovers the problem. Everything is made of crap.

We had to break there to order new components online and steady our nerves with a flagon of cider. Remember to tune in to the next thrilling episode of "Modding the Behringer" later this month.

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