Thursday, 19 August 2010

Freedom Boot modifications

The Ledbury Freedom Boot has now been gigged twice and two weaknesses have been exposed.

Firstly, the beading pins that affix the bottle caps to the stick are too dainty by far. Whilst they have not yet shed their load, they do bend easily and corrective action is frequently required mid-set.

Action: The puny beading pins are to be replaced with 6 x 1.5" black laquered dome-headed screws.

Secondly, the googly eyes fell off the toe-cap, demonstrating that "Sellotape Self Adhesive Sticky Fixers" are not as effective as the blurb on the pack would have you believe. Oh yes, the adhesive facing is aggressive and sticks to almost anything. The problem lies with the foam pad between the adhesive faces, which, like unto a marshmallow, has barely any cohesive qualities at all.

Action: The eyes are not to be replaced as they contributed little to the overall musical impact anyway.

All will be well for Acoustic Roots Linton 2010. Bought your ticket yet?

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