Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Re: cycling

Scraping the barrel this month - only just made it with a last minute project for June. It's not so much of a project really - more of a handy tip.

After many seasons of exposure to the elements, certain types of rubber bicycle handlebar grips begin to decompose. In the heat of summer they become a sticky mess. If they are part of an integrated "grip-shift" system, replacement is moderately expensive and definitely a pain in the bum.

Spotting an old inner tube in my spares box, I wondered if I might re-clad the grips using sections of the tube. I thought it might be difficult to install the cladding but no - a bit of decisive tugging and the job was done. They feel better than new and I saved myself a few quid.

Not exactly the "Work of Genius" expected from the Secret Laboratory but definitely a lesson in how not to give up on busted shit.

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