Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bring on the Flying Trappists!

This month, the Secret Laboratory gets all metaphysical and investigates what happens in the brain during those early morning moments before full wakefulness.

If you have ever woken with what you thought was a deep insight into the workings of the Universe, which later proved to be utter bollocks, add a response to this posting and we'll discuss it through December.

You see? The Secret Laboratory is not just about "exploding test tube" shit, although there is some of that...


  1. Flying Bananas.
    I only get that kind of thought late rather than early. Maybe I'm slow. It's still bollocks.

    25 years of my life is still trying to get up that great big hill (tree)
    Of bananas (of bananas)

    To find the tree. (hill)

  2. I read an article today that stated that 70% of the brain consisted of fat and 30% water.It was a free mag from a health food shop.There was no mention of bollocks, utter or otherwise.I think we can draw our own conclusions.
    Of what we cannot speak, let us remain silent(L.Wittgenstein)

  3. Hi Cosmic T -
    I have consulted my team of experts (The Prince of Wales Brains Trust) and, after hours of lively debate, they have concluded that you must once have been scared by a flying banana, or perhaps an ordinary banana carelessly tossed. Does this help?

  4. Su - who are you calling a fat head? We're trying to be serious here!

  5. that's how I spent most of the Christmas hols! wonderful!